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Online Counselling – Can it Really Work?

by Gabrielle on October 14, 2010

When I first started offering online counselling, I myself was wondering if it would be as productive as sitting together in person.    I wondered if it would be possible for me to be as empathic and for my clients to open up as much via telephone or skype video as they would in person.    I also wondered if clients would feel supported enough to go deeper into resolving their issues.

What I’ve discovered is that online counselling actually does work  very well.   My clients report that they feel well connected with me and supported enough to really look at themselves.    Plus the transfer of insights and information seems to work the same as in person.      Here’s an example of a touching email I just received from a client after just her first individual skype video counselling session (she had 2 couples counselling sessions previously)

It is funny how you mention the subconscious – today I was supposed to go into town for my massage course and got stuck in horrendous traffic (due to the rain). Anyway, I thought of your mantra to be “kind and gentle to myself” so I turned the car around, cancelled my session and came home and spent the morning massaging my 2 boys. Much better than being stuck in traffic and beating myself up about getting to a place on time.
I did feel guilty for a little while until I realised that I needed to own my feelings and it was OK to do this. In summary, I didn’t need to please someone else – and I had a lovely day with both my sons. Think I was a better Mum for it! Not so cranky…….

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