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Couples Counselling – 5 Ways It Can Help A Relationship

by Gabrielle on October 11, 2010

One thing I’ve come to believe through my practice as well as my personal life is that relationships are our most difficult classroom.   I’ve seen that our most intimate connections are where we feel the most hurt the most defensive and the most needy.

That’s why couples counselling can be so helpful.  Through sessions the major things I assist clients with are:

  1. Understanding each other better – through honest sharing during counselling and explanations from me you can gain insight into your partner’s inner emotional dynamics which helps you to better understand and accept him/her with compassion instead of judgment.
  2. Getting less triggered by each other – when you understand your partner and his or her behavior better, you are then able to avoid taking things they say or do so personally.  In this way you won’t feel attacked, nor the need to defend yourself.  You may also come to realize how your partner reminds you of an old pain that started with someone else in your life and then be able to separate him/her from that pain.
  3. Being kinder with each other – involves expressing and receiving appreciation of each other as well as being more patient, friendly and loving with each other.
  4. Feeling closer again – I’ve seen many couples begin to spend more time together, enjoy each other more and have more fun together than they have had in a long time.  Couples counselling can even help you to reconnect with that original spark that drew you to each other in the first place.
  5. Helping each other through life transitions – counselling can be a very effective tool to help you support yourself and your partner through major life transitions such as illness, changing jobs, retirement and more.   Increased empathy and understanding can go a long way toward easing the pressures of these kinds of major life changes.

I work with couples from all over the world.   Through the power of internet communications you and your partner can easily receive professional counselling no matter where you are.

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