Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Online Counselling with Gabrielle Ament, M.Sc.

Online Counselling – Does It Work?

Dear Friend,

Are you here wondering if online counselling can actually work or work as effectively as person to person counselling? I can very much relate to that question.

Until a couple of years ago I had never tried it.    I’d  been counselling individuals, couples, parents and children for more than 10 years in my psychology practice when a friend of one of my clients asked if we could work via Skype.       I wasn’t sure  if it would be possible for me to be as empathic with online counselling as it is for me to be in person.   I also wondered  if my clients would be able to open up as much on skype video as they do in person.    But this particular client was very eager to go into resolving some of her deeper issues with me, so I decided to give online counselling a try.

What I’ve discovered, from those first sessions,  is that online counselling can actually work very well. Here’s part of the email I received from my new client after just our second session:

“It is funny how you mention the subconscious – today I was supposed to go into town for my massage course and got stuck in horrendous traffic (due to the rain). Anyway, I thought of your mantra to be “kind and gentle to myself” so I turned the car around, cancelled my session and came home and spent the morning massaging my 2 boys. Much better than being stuck in traffic and beating myself up about getting to a place on time. I did feel guilty for a little while until I realised that I needed to own my feelings and it was OK to do this. In summary, I didn’t need to please someone else – and I had a lovely day with both my sons. Think I was a better Mum for it! Not so cranky……”

Now, after this initial success and several others,  I hold about 60% of my sessions as online counselling sessions.   The large majority of my clients report that they feel well connected with me and supported enough to really look at themselves. Plus the transfer of insights and information seems to work as well in online counselling sessions as it does in person.     What’s interesting in all of this is that some of my local clients now even prefer online counselling sessions to in person ones.   I never expected that.

In the end technology  has made it easy for me to offer you my unique and powerful therapeutic sessions no matter where you are.   Working with Skype video or telephone, you get the support you need  from the privacy and comfort of your own home or office.     Online counselling with me makes it easy to continue growing and evolving no matter how life circumstances change.    Below is a list of the major areas I work with.

Online Counselling for Couples

Couples online counselling is for any issues you have in your marriage/relationship. For example communication difficulties, frequent arguing, feeling distant to each other, having an affair, difficult life situations (unemployment, illness, finances, retirement, mid-life crisis,….) differing parenting styles – or simply wanting to grow with each other and seeking guidance for personal/spiritual growth through your relationship.  In an online counselling session for couples both partners are present.  Through inquiry, guided introspection and exercises new ways of relating with each other can be discovered and learned. Book Contact

Online Counselling for Individuals

Individual Counseling is for anyone seeking to move forward on the path of self discovery and personal growth. Individual online counselling helps you gain clarity in life transitions, experience more happiness and emotional balance, create healthier relationships and strengthens confidence to make the”right” decision. Book Contact

Online Counselling For Parents

Parental Online Counseling is for any questions you have regarding your child and parenting, such as learning problems,  emotional issues (jealousy, depressed, anxiety, lonely,angry,…), siblings fighting,  how to best respond to difficult behavior, difficult teenager, how to best support your child in a difficult situation, etc…. You will find clarity, practical tips and professional recommendations for the next necessary steps if needed.  Book Contact

Online Counselling For Teenagers

Teenager Counseling is for teenagers who want help with issues like feeling down, feeling insecure, problems with (boy/girl) friend(s), learning problems, a difficult situation at home, difficult relationship with parents, etc.  In an online counselling session we will talk about your situation and find practical solutions so you can understand yourself better and move on to feeling happier. Book Contact

Contact me to see how we can work together for your growth.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Gabrielle Ament, M.Sc.

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